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The Mandate for Two Factor Authentication (TFA) or Strong Consumer Authentication (SCA) will come into effect on January 1st 2021; this means that transactions must be protected with 3DSecure to avoid being rejected by the Issuing Bank.

Of course 3DSecure has been around for a very long time and continues to serve its primary purpose of protecting merchants from fraud and uplifting the approval rate for transactions since the Issuer has the confidence that the payment is initiated by the cardholder.

The difficulty for merchants is how to make 3DSecure available on their websites, especially for merchants using off the shelf solutions such as WooCommerce. This is why Endeavour 3DSecure is making its 3DSecure WooCommerce Plugin available.

The plugin is installed like any other plugin in WooCommerce and requires minimum configuration.

Cardholders can checkout at the shopping cart and be redirected to a payment page for capturing their card details. The plugin will perform the 3DSecure Authentication if indeed a ‘Challenge’ is required and complete the transaction authorization via Authorize.net or any other supported acquiring platform

A ‘Challenge’ is how the Issuer interacts with the cardholder to ensure that the cardholder consents to the transaction. Originally this was a password, but for many years a onetime code is used, sent to the cardholder via an SMS, email, phone call or dedicated app. Banking Apps are now the preferred method – the Issuers sends a push notification to their Banking App, which the cardholder acknowledges. With many of these banking apps supporting biometric features, there is now the extra security of biometrics.

There is more welcome news; 3DS Version 1 is designed to request a challenge for every transaction, but Version 2 uses a Risk Based Model to determine when a challenge is required or when a transaction can be approved without interrupting the transaction flow. This is what frictionless authentication is all about, being able to passively authenticate a transaction based on the transaction data, the merchant profile, the acquirer profile and the cardholder profile as well as supporting information such as the IP address and device location.
The Endeavour 3DSecure Plugin for WooCommerce delivers on all its objectives to make life easier for merchants.

  • Easy PCI Compliance
  • Easy Support for 3DSecure
  • Less Friction for Consumers

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3D Secure add on for Woocommerce with Authorize.net
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3D Secure add on for Woocommerce with Authorize.net
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Copyright by 3DSecureAuthorize.net. All rights reserved.